David’s Workshop

Do you want simply superb DIY masterpieces to feast your eyes on?
David and Janet will see you right.

Currently, ongoing projects combined with other prior commitments are occupying a lot of time. Commissions may become available in the longer term – if you’d like to find out more about that, please drop us an email.

Here you will find high quality DIYer David and all his solid, well-built projects applying Freedom Of Form for indoors, outdoors and the doors themselves.
Janet, meanwhile, does the sanding and varnishing to get that spot-on spotless finish.

If you like them, be sure to tell him via our email contact form or comments box.

For starters, here’s the 4-person swing bench, built Summer 2012 in the Workshop in Cleckheaton:
swing bench picture
Bobby approves. In the background is ‘Dan & Ben’s Den’, a 2 storey summerhouse shed built by David in 1993 in South Elmsall.

And the Potting Shed, built late 2012 and early 2013 in the Workshop in Cleckheaton:
Potting Shed picture

Well, Wheelbarrow…
Well picture
Wheelbarrow picture

And from way back around about 1987-ish, here’s a tool chest David made, still in excellent condition today and functioning perfectly as a place to keep all sorts of tools and things. Built in the style of a map chest. Pictures are from 2013.
David's Tool Chest picture
David's Tool Chest picture 2

The current Work In Progress is under wraps for a few months yet.

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